Do you find yourself confused by the lingo used in marketing and graphic design? Are you overwhelmed by choices to be made regarding paper or color? Do you wish sometimes that a magic fairy would be there to answer your questions? Sure, there’s Google…but we like to keep things in one place. We’d like to introduce our Marketing and Graphic Design Resources page! Find answers to some of the things you may be wondering about.

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Color is very important in the world of design. It speaks to who you are, what you are trying to accomplish…it is a first impression. And we all know how important those can be in the dog-eat-dog corporate environment. Consistantly using the correct color is crucial to maintaining a company’s brand. And much more involved than most people think. Learn more…


Look no further! Here is a wonderful source of envelope types, sizes and even downloadable dielines. Of course, always check with your printer first regarding dielines, as they may have one on hand that they prefer to use.