Is Facebook Advertising Worth It? This Medical Practice Thinks So.

Is Facebook advertising worth it?

The Triangle Vein Clinic of Cary, North Carolina, like most medical practices, wanted to see new client growth for a reasonable price. Feeling a bit curious but overwhelmed by social media marketing, they turned to Davis Graphic Design.

In less than 6 months, through Facebook alone, Triangle Vein Clinic brought in over 100 new clients for vein screenings at a conversion cost that more than made sense for their business model.

How Did They Know Social Media Advertising Was For Them?

After assessing goals, budget and target demographics it was clear that Triangle Vein Clinic could benefit from social media marketing on Facebook. For many businesses, Facebook advertising is an incredibly reasonable option, allowing owners the chance to experiment easily with smaller budgets and scale up when testing brings favorable results.

How Did They Do It?

After identifying goals, budget and target demographics, we set off to build a batch of test ads for the first month. We asked, what is the average revenue brought in from a new client? Considering that number, we then talked through the ideal client acquisition cost. Facebook’s hyper targeting allowed us to zone in and identify a “sweet spot” audience and messaging through rounds of ad testing and data analysis.

Facebook algorithms, products/services, perceptions and buying/service preferences are continually changing. This means it’s important for businesses advertising online to make testing and adjusting a regular part of their advertising practice. Getting too comfortable running the same ads, to the exact same audience in the same ways will slow your momentum. Triangle Vein Clinic understood this from the start and is committed to keeping advertisements and strategies fresh, increasing their new clients for a reasonable cost.

Should I Hire Help for Facebook Advertising or Do It Myself?

While Facebook advertising is an attainable tactic for non-marketers, there are definite benefits that come with having an experienced marketer manage your account. Setting up effective advertising campaigns (from the detailed targeting options to copywriting and image creation) takes time.

Throw in teaching yourself a new system, setting up proper analytics and analyzing that data and you’re taking precious time away from doing what you do best. Using an online media marketer optimizes your time and brings a unique understanding of the market and platform to maximize results.

If you’re curious about social media advertising and would like to chat with us about whether it’s a good fit for your business growth needs, you can contact us here.

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